We are locally owned and OWNER OPERATED

Hiring an owner-operated contractor, where the business is owned and managed by the person performing the work, can offer several benefits:

Direct Accountability With the Customer

I have to face you later.”  With an owner-operated contractor, you are dealing directly with the person who owns the business and is responsible for the project. This direct accountability can lead to a more hands-on and personally invested approach to the work.  Dave Boyer – owner of Cool Shade Patio Covers understands that he has to face you when the job’s done and he will be accountable.  If only hired hands show up, you may have a different experience.

Another advantage is that you will have Clear Communication

Owner-operated contractors often have streamlined communication processes. There’s direct communication between you and the owner who is overseeing the project, reducing the chances of miscommunication and ensuring that your expectations are understood.

Personalized Service is Important

For most, an owner-operated businesses tends to provide a more personalized service. The contractor is likely to take a genuine interest in your project, listen to your specific needs, and tailor their approach to meet your requirements.

Sometimes the homeowner may have to make a change in scheduling.  One the spot flexible decision-making is then very convenient. The decision-making process is often more flexible in owner-operated businesses. The person in charge can make quick decisions on-site, adapting to unexpected challenges or changes in the project without the need for bureaucratic approvals.

Hands-On Expertise and Attention to Detail

These are traits, typically more common with an owner-operated contractor.  This bring hands-on expertise to the job. They may be directly involved in the physical work, ensuring that their skills and experience contribute directly to the quality of the project.  Here are some important facts about an experienced contractor:

Owners have a vested interest in the success of their business and the satisfaction of their clients.

This often translates into a high level of attention to detail and a commitment to delivering quality workmanship.

Having the construction owner on site will ensure a consistency with the crew.  With owner-operated contractors, there’s often more consistency in the crew working on your project. The same team members are likely to be present throughout, promoting better coordination and a smoother workflow.

Trust is imperative when hiring a contractor.   Dave knows the importance of the client relationship. Owner-operated businesses often prioritize building strong client relationships. Dave also  understands the importance of you, the customer, having complete satisfaction.   For the success and reputation of a business, they must have the trust of the customer.

Cost efficiency is a clear benefit of hiring owner-operated contractors. 

No one cares about time and material waist more than the owner.  This can lead to competitive pricing for their services, potentially offering more value for your money.

A faster response time to your concerns and questions:  The owner’s direct involvement can lead to faster response times. If issues arise or if you have questions, you can often get quick answers and resolutions without waiting for information to pass through multiple layers of management.

It’s important to note that while owner-operated contractors offer these advantages, the key is to evaluate each contractor individually. Consider factors such as their experience, reputation, portfolio, and references to ensure that they align with your specific project requirements and expectations.

or years Cool Shade Patio Covers has provided customers with superior service and value. Since 1998 Dave Boyer – owner of Cool Shade Patio Covers has been dedicated to offering solutions designed to fit not only any budget and schedule, but also high quality workmanship.  

“Owner-Operated” is not just our situation, It’s Our Principle.

Dave’s 25 years of construction and design experience gives assurance to the homeowner that they are not only in good hands, but that Dave will be “on hand” and available.   Because no two homes are exactly alike, countless obstacles and issues can arise with any project.  You can trust that Dave, the business owner will skillfully and properly install your patio cover.

One thing that will never change is that Dave will be present at every job.  The idea of growing the company bigger is not on the table.  Dave is not only content with the size of Cool Shade Patio Covers, he believes it is the best way to do business.  This is idea has resulted in a loyal customer base that has kept them coming back over the years. And, it’s the Cool Shade Patio Covers  owner and staff that keeps making the difference in that regard. Our dedication to providing friendly, dependable and accurate service has been the cornerstone to their success.

We ensure that you’ll be well taken care of:

  • Our staff looks forward to serving you and assisting you with special needs. We’ll go the extra mile.
  • Our customers can count on personalized dependable service.
  • Our staff takes pride in their work and wants to enhance our client’s experience.
  • Each of our customers are given dignity and respect and a high regard for their differing points of view.
  • Our priority number #1 is customer satisfaction and following through with our commitments.


The Cool Shade Patio Covers staff is made up of experts that are highly trained and thoroughly enjoy working with customers. If a problem comes up that proves to be more difficult than normal, they use their team approach collaboratively to get the help needed to fix it. We can manage any problem, big or small, regardless of the difficulty of your requirements.
The services that Cool Shade Patio Covers provides are completed efficiently and on schedule with results that will exceed your expectations.

Call Cool Shade Patio Covers for a FREE estimate and to have our customer service professionals answer any questions that you may have. Our careful approach to customer relations guarantees that we can provide the services you need, and, in a time when every dollar saved matters.

Enjoy Meals and Family Time on your Patio

While South Carolina sunshine is a wonderful thing, too much of a good thing can be a problem!  Having friends and family over for meals and special days can be hindered by the harsh weather around here, however, adding the right cover to your back yard will not only provide a beautiful area to entertain your guests, but also gives you an oasis to relax in all the year long.  

No more breaking out the patio furniture and uncovering the grill!  No more discovering the leaves, pine needles, mold and insects have destroyed your belonging on the porch.  Imagine not worrying about the hot Texas sun fading your new patio furniture cushions.   With your new Cool Shade Patio Cover, your valuable items remain cool, dry and protected.  Have your company over, the patio is ready to go.

Isn’t it time to add some Cool Shade to your back yard.  Make this summer a place for memories with the family in your back yard.  Call us today to schedule a free estimate.



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