Lattice Pergolas


Cool Shade Patio Covers offers a variety of covers to accomplish our customers many needs.  Because of the high heat sunshine in the Houston, Conroe Texas area, we include high quality lattice pergolas in our line-up of patio protection.  Our Elitewood pergolas offer not just comfort, but complete peace of mind: little to no maintenance; total weather resistance; no cracking, warping, or splitting; no need for painting; fire resistant, termite resistant and unsurpassed durability that will preserve its beauty for years to come.

CSPC uses Four Seasons Building Products Elitewood Ulta Series materials.  Ultra series is embossed with a rough hewn deep driftwood texture that resembles the natural appearance and beauty of real wood without the many problems associated with wood.  The Ultra Series Patio Covers feature design diversity, and numerous optional extras.  You can create the perfect shade cover to enhance the beauty of your home and lifestyle.  Choosing an Elitewood Ultra Series shade cover is not only an investment that provides return on your home’s value, but creates the perfect environment for any occasion. 





Adding skylights to your Patio Cover certainly brightens things up. Skylights not only give light under your patio cover by allows sunlight to shine in through the windows and glass doors. Your porch plants will also appreciate the sunlight.

We use Lexan which is a high quality material that stands strong against the harsh northwest weather. It comes in white, smoke and clear. White is the most common and favorite choice.

The people at Cool Shade Patio Covers strive to serve you with the finest customer service available. Our people are highly skilled, thoroughly experienced and exceedingly trained to handle all of the variables in our industry.

Lexan Pergolas


Insulated Patio Cover

Having a Insulated Patio Cover with a smooth ceiling gives your home a look of “First Class” Our Insulated panels have a sleight cedar grain texture to them. Couple that with a smooth post, gutter and fascia and you will have a beautiful, high class patio cover.

Insulated Patio Covers are easy to clean and the powder coating gives a long lasting finish that will look great for many years to come.

Keep the shine by washing your patio cover with Turtlewax Wash. Use a soft carwash brush or washing mitt and you will keep that shiny new look for years to come.

Nice Home? Nice Cover!

This cover was installed just after a new concrete patio slab was poured and a beautiful french door put in. No less than a quality Insulatedwith skylights was in order.

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