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Why would you need an Awning Installation Company? Because sometimes it rains sideways in Charleston! Don’t wait till there is a problem.  Solve it before you have to replace your door, window, framing, sheetrock, electrical, flooring… Allowing the wind driven rain to directly hit doors and windows can not only dirty the base but eventually cause rot, paint flaking and even flooding inside your home or business.   

We Install Exterior Door and Window Covers and Awnings

Your Door Awning Installation Company

Door awning coverChoosing to invest in door covers is both wise and affordable.  Cool Shade Patio Covers installs insulated patio covers and will often end up with scrap end pieces left over.  These sections  are high quality, powder coated insulated panels with solid extruded aluminum hanger and fascia.  You are essentially getting a mini insulated patio cover for a door awning!  What could be better?  We are passing on the savings to customers desiring to cover their doors and windows.  They are supported by extruded aluminum straps and again, everything is professionally powder coated so you will never have to re-stain or paint.  Door awnings do not just provide a dry place for you to find your keys to unlock the door, they protect your home in so many ways.  (see below)

Your Window Awning Installation Company

Exterior windows have come a long way in efficiency and design.  However, even the most expensive windows will eventually fail if not maintained and protected from the weather.  Window caulking is especially vulnerable to the elements.  If you can keep the sun, rain and snow off, it will last significantly longer!  Of course, shading your windows not only protect your home from rot and water damage, but not having to wash the windows as often will be a major plus.


Door and Window Awning Covers Provide Protection Against the Elements

door awning cover
Keep the wind driven rain off your entry ways

Having both exterior door and window awnings or covers provides a multitude of benefits for homeowners. Firstly, they offer protection against the elements, shielding both doors and windows from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight. This protection not only extends the lifespan of these openings but also prevents potential damage to the interior of the home. Additionally, door and window awnings and covers can enhance energy efficiency by acting as insulators, reducing heat loss in the winter and keeping interiors cooler in the summer. This leads to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment year-round. Furthermore, these covers offer privacy by obstructing the view from outside, providing a sense of security for occupants. Aesthetically, they can add charm and character to the exterior of a home, improving curb appeal and enhancing its overall appearance. Overall, investing in exterior door and window covers provides practical, energy-saving, and aesthetic benefits for homeowners, making them a valuable addition to any property.  Cool Shade is your local awning installation company

Installing Door and Window Awning Covers in not a Cost; its an Investment

Investing in lifetime warranted exterior door and window awning cover for your home or business is a strategic decision that transcends mere expenditure. Cool Shade Patio Covers provide long-term benefits that justify their initial cost. Firstly, their durability ensures that they protect your property from the elements effectively, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. This results in long-term cost savings by minimizing maintenance expenses. Moreover, with a lifetime warranty, you’re safeguarded against unexpected defects or malfunctions, providing peace of mind and eliminating the risk of additional expenses down the line. Additionally, these door and window awnings can enhance energy efficiency, reducing utility bills over time. Furthermore, they add value to your property by improving its aesthetics, enhancing curb appeal, and potentially increasing resale value. Ultimately, viewing the investment in lifetime warranted exterior door and window covers as a long-term asset rather than a short-term expense is a prudent financial decision with numerous tangible benefits for your home or business.  Again, you can trust Cool Shade Patio Covers to be your Awning Installation Company.

Quick and Easy Awning Installation Estimates

Because installing these awnings are so simple and easy, we can usually give estimates viewing a couple of pictures of your home or business.  Text, email or go to the “Get A Quote” page to find out pricing and more details.


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